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S. Dini – Company profile

We have been in operation for over 40 years in the plastic moulding sector.

The high level of specialisation that we have acquired in this sector allows us to offer ourselves today as suppliers who can look after the client in all production phases from design to moulding, assembly and packaging of the finished products.

Over the years, S.Dini has been able to invest in technology to meet the growing needs of the market in terms of quality and service.












Our production, originally directed toward third party moulding, has been supported for some years by our own line of components for household goods, to meet the needs of those who do not have their own mould.

Our proximity to the industrial centre of Larciano has led the company to specialize in the production of components for household cleaning items such as: block for brooms and brushes, dustpans, complete sets, block for mops and accessories and components for handles.

Our range covers all needs, from inexpensive items to the most sophisticated and innovative design objects.


Important investments in the field of automation of many of the moulding phases have allowed us to make the best use of human resources within the production cycle, which takes place 24 hours a day from Monday to Saturday.

The department is made up of 15 traditional and bi-material injection presses with a tonnage ranging from 75 to 350, all automated from the input of the raw material to the output of the moulded product.

In recent years, the older hydraulic presses have been replaced with the latest-generation electric presses that combine greater precision in moulding with considerable saving in energy.

Moulding techniques

We also use innovative technologies such as “Gas Injection Moulding” and “In Mould Labelling”.



In Mould Labelling

Gas Injection System

Support in making the mould

Starting from the customer’s idea, we can suggest the most appropriate solutions to achieve the best value for money of the finished product.

Using the moulding techniques that we have available (such as Bimaterial, IML, GIM) we can obtain items that offer a higher level of quality and customisation than the market average.

Our technical office supports the client throughout the entire process of mould design and construction.


We blend all colours.

We love to experiment and give life to new colours, playing with shades and making our items unique.

Customisation is the only way to stand out and we at S. Dini take care to advise you on all the possible colour options, from the most traditional to the most innovative and eye-catching ones.

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