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Right on the green - sostenibilità

Green production, sustainability and use of Eco plastics

Protecting the environment, respecting nature and the resources it makes available to us are commitments we have made as a company for many years now to actively contribute to an increasingly green present and future.

In our production of “Green Line” items in PP and PE, are made using plastics materials derivatives in fact from processing scraps properly treated and brought back to new life.

The life cycle of plastic materials

When producing “Green Line” broom and brush bases by injection molding technique, we use recycled or reclaimed PP ( polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene).

These materials undergo careful inspection.

Environmentally sustainable second-generation materials are generated from the waste.

They are separated from any foreign matter, are washed and even the smallest impurities are removed; they are then ground so as to obtain granules ready for further processing.

Recycling and remanufacturing, however, are not the same thing.

These are two processes in which it is the energy used that makes the difference.

Recycling involves high energy expenditure, as the product is first destroyed and then reprocessed.

In contrast, remanufacturing does not involve the destruction of the material resulting in great energy savings.

It therefore represents the best solution for the health of the environment and to improve our company’s production processes.

The possibility of recovering plastics means that waste is no longer considered a waste, but rather a resource.

The new material generated is very close to the original first-grade material with a significantly smaller environmental impact, in terms of reduction of resources used and Co2 emissions.

Energy saving

Co2 emission reduction

Waste recovery

High quality of products

High-level aesthetics

Commitment to Sustainability: Certification Second Life Plastic for the “Green Family” Line

We are proud to announce that our “Green Family” line at S. DINI SRL has obtained the prestigious “Second Life Plastic” PSV/MixEco certification. This recognition underscores our commitment to promoting sustainable production practices specifically for products in this eco-friendly line. The certification, which will remain valid until April 17, 2027, confirms that the components for household cleaning articles from the “Green Family” line, made with cutting-edge technologies and recycled plastics from pre- and post-consumer waste, meet the high environmental standards of the “Second Life Plastic” Ed. 2 rev. 1 Certification Regulation.

Plastic seconda vita
set green

Operating from our facility in Massa e Cozzile (PT), we continue to undergo rigorous inspections by IIP Srl, ensuring that every product in the “Green Family” not only meets but exceeds the sustainability standards set by the EN 15343:2007 standard. Thanks to the authorization to use the “Second Life Plastic” trademark, we reaffirm our commitment to environmentally responsible production and to moving towards a more circular economy.

Our goal is to maintain and surpass the standards of this certification, ensuring that products from the “Green Family” line significantly contribute to reducing environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable home life. This achievement represents an important step in our mission to constantly innovate our production processes to minimize environmental impact, offering products that not only respect the environment but also enhance the quality of life of our customers.